Esmé Ara’resa

Founder & Editor the Five E's,   Personal Growth Writer, Strategist, Entrepreneur

Founder & Editor the Five E's, Personal Growth Writer, Strategist, Entrepreneur


About Me

Esmé Ara’resa is a Writer and Strategist on a mission of growth. Through her weekly #DICTA conversations online and with 8 languages under her belt, she has proven a master of words making personal growth relatable, engaging, and actionable for all.

Having a background in Management, Esmé’s growth mission involves consulting on brand and business strategy for an international portfolio of clients. Naturally, she enjoys travelling and values learning about different cultures. However, as a woman in her early twenties studying and having worked at top institutions where she is often the only person who looks like her, Esmé strongly believes in peer mentorship and investing in the women who she shares common experiences with.

Education/Qualification: BSc Management University College London 

Heritage: Nigerian.

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