Inspire & Empower.


Our Mission Statement: 

Black Girls Rule.London (#BGR.LDN) inspires and empowers black girls to be the best for themselves and make decisions that can change the world.

 Our Purpose:

#BGR.LDN is a supportive community established to empower and mentor young Black women. #BGR.LDN strives to enrich the lives of young Black women, developing their self esteem and self worth. 
The community's primary aim is to cater the girls in every aspects of their growth, from career to personal life. 
The community consists of mentors from various background, industries and varying age groups. These mentors can help a girl improve her abilities and skills through observation, assessment, and by providing guidance. 

Our Goals:

  • Establishing a community which allows the development and growth of black girls. Through empowerment and kinship.
  • Promoting and championing sisterhood. 
  • Organising events that empower and motivates our community
  • Giving back and contributing towards the overall growth of our community. Both in the diaspora and our home countries. 
Motunrayo Oyetunji
Founder, BGR.LDN